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Emergency Room Texting FAQs

Hospital Patients Want to Know!

Why should your hospital be offering ER wait time texting services?
  • The key is measurable results. By texting 4ER411 in an emergency, a database of patients is created for the hospital or urgent care facility, which will allow for future, proactive, outbound marketing efforts.
  • The database can be used for hospital cost-effective outbound marketing.
  • More and more patients are demanding transparency in making informed healthcare decision; such was what ER or UC to visit. Earn their trust and satisfaction by offering them the care they need and want.
  • Drives more traffic to your hospital’s front door, increasing admissions and revenue growth.
Why is ER Texting unique?
  • ER Texting provides a complete, secure and scablable texting and integrated marketing platform via its, DEDICATED short code – 4ER411.
  • Technical implementation knowledge and expert marketing support.
  • Proven experience in the deployment of ER texting services at some of the nation’s largest hospitals.
What benefit will this emergency room texting service add to your hospital?
  • Greatly improve patient satisfaction as research clearly shows that patients are more satisfied when they are aware of expected wait time at the ER.
  • Your hospital becomes a leading-edge organization concerned with patient convenience, satisfaction and ER transparency by providing the information that patient needs to make an informed, quick decision.
  • Patients’ experience with their emergency room visit is improved when given the ability to decide between location that is closet or fastest.
How is the ER wait time information provided for ER Texting’s technology interface?
  • ER Texting’s technology division assists hospitals and urgent care centers in establishing their live wait time feeds online, which are accessed by ER Texting for public broadcast.
Who owns the database using ER Texting provides?
  • The hospital is the sole owner of the database created by the ER Texting platform.
  • ER Texting can create follow-up outbound texting campaigns to maximize investment.
What is considered a competitive Emergency Room wait time?
  • Simply, it varies. In today’s competitive ER environment, wait times have become a critical measurement of patient selection.
  • Recent Press Ganey surveys indicate national average length of stay in emergency rooms is over four hours with an increasing trend.